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•   Clayton "Fred" Brown  8/21
•   Vickie Barbour (Johnson)  8/21
•   Carole Ann Cooley (Korff)  8/21
•   Dale Gibson  8/20
•   Pam Childs  8/20
•   Richard Arntson  8/19
•   Karen Schnell (Ogden)  8/19
•   Gary Molsness  8/19
•   Sherry Erickson (Johnson)  8/19
•   Gary Chaffins  8/18
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•   Marlene Richter (Faraca)


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West Valley High School
Class Of 1964

The menu for the banquet is:

Prime Rib, Fish and Chicken
Green and a speciality salad
Fruit, Fresh vegetables
Various Desserts
Non- Alcoholic beverages such as coffee and sodas with a "No Host" bar

If someone needs a special diet such as "gluten free" or" vegetarian" and they let us know by August 23rd we can  get them a plate, BUT we have to Northern Quest ahead of time.

Also the banquet is in the Kalispel Ballroom which is located in the hotel and not in the casino as our last one was.  It's a very nice venue for us. The hotel will have signs out directing people to the room.


Sadly, health or family concerns will keep some classmates from joining us for this milestone 50th reunion. This website is a wonderful way of staying in touch or catching up.  For many in our class this will be their "class reunion."  We hope you will take a few minutes to add some photos or a short video to your profile, along with a short life history. We plan to include all the photos, Videos and histories submitted in a slideshow that will be shared at the reunion, and made available for everyone to take home with them. We know that others will enjoy seeing what you've been doing these past years. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

See You In September!


Ron Hilton and I (Ben Curtis) met over lunch on during his trip to 
Southern California this past weekend.

Ron had diligently gone over the old class photos, and pointed out that several were not on the site.  After checking, I found that although I did have the photos, the INDEX didn't include them.

That has been corrected and everything I have is now shown online.
Now... that is not to say there aren't mistakes, but it is up to you to find them and point them out to your old tired and blind webmaster. If you find something, LET ME KNOW! Ron provided me with some photos on which the backs were signed as well. As time permits I will try to index those too.

Click on this link to go directly to the right page.

Thanks to Ron for your help, and to the rest of you..... 

Dig through those old boxes and send us more photos!! 


Within Ourselves Our Future Lies

"Education forms the common mind just as
the twig is bent the tree is inclined"




Orginal West Valley High School




Bob Roberts  8/23
Dean Eliasen  8/26
Greg Shaw  8/27
Linda Dobson  8/29
Pat Rowand  8/30
Dan Stantus  9/9
Leo Tracy  9/11
Ben Curtis  9/18
Nancy Payne (Flynn)  9/18