Millwood History Questionaire

West Valley Alumni Share Your Memories

Interested in viewing and participating further in gathering Millwood area history? 

Millwood History Enthusiasts meet regularly to gather and record our rich history.  Enthusiasts plan to build an online “treasure trove” of information related to Millwood’s history. Everyone who has experiences and memories from our area can participate in recording our history.

Do you have photos, documents, memorabilia?   Let your experiences and memories live on in Millwood’s history.

Here are ways you can become involved:

1)  –  Visit the website where historic items have been added for all to view thanks to contributions from the many history enthusiasts. Email your stories and recollections. (

2) “Millwood Washington History Enthusiasts”  Facebook Group  –  Join the 200+ members in this group on Facebook. View and share all the pictures, stories and recollections of Millwood’s many happenings, events, people and places.

 3) Corner Door Cafe  –  Drop off your pictures and/or your written notes and/or any other interesting items you wish to share with us at 3301 N Argonne. They will be recorded digitally and the originals promptly returned to you.

6) Personal Interview  –  Email, contact us on Facebook  or leave your phone number at the Corner Door (921-9253). We gather weekly for you to set up an appointment, or we will come to you at the location of your choice to interview and record your memories.

“ Millwood History Displays

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The picture gallery displayed at the recent Spokane Preservation Advocates Millwood Tour is now on display at City Hall. Come view wonderful, historic and interesting photos and articles from early Millwood years

It will be fun to remember our neighborhoods together. Please share your history by filling out the following questionnaire:

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1)   When I grew up in the WV school district I lived in what area:

2)   Schools I attended: elementary, junior high, middle school, high school, private schools

3)   The Millwood community has existed more than one hundred years. What brought your family to this area? Do you or your family still live in the area? Anyone involved in local past or present businesses?

4)   Year of Graduation, School, City and State